CityLearn Challenge 2023 Winners!

📢 Congratulations to the Winners of the CityLearn Challenge 2023 🥉🥈🥇

Really creative and interesting solutions to address energy forecasting and grid-interactive buildings!

📈 Forecasting Track :

🥇Team Pluto (Matt M.)
🥈Team Vanguards (Tanwi Mallick, Ngoc Tran, Yangxinyu Xie)
🥉Michael Ibrahim

🔋 Controls Track:

🥇Team croissant_codebreakers (Francesco Morri, Andoni Irazusta Garmenida)
🥈Team HKUST_Smart_Building (Wanfu Zheng, Zhe (Walter) Wang)
🥉Team Hello Rookie (Yunze Wu, Chuan Hu, Jingyu Cao, Jinpeng Zhang, Ke Fan)

A big thanks to our sponsors Climate Change AI, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, and Amazon Science , and Dr Utkarsha Agwan who delivered a great keynote at our hashtag#neurips2023 Workshop today! Also big thanks to the team at AIcrowd for the execution and support of the challenge.

We’re working on a solutions paper and the recording of the workshop with the winner presentations and will share soon.

Thanks again for the over 600 participants who have generated over 2500 submissions. Stay tuned for the CityLearn Challenge 2024!

Finally, huge thanks to Kingsley Nweye and Max Langtry for preparing the datasets and organizing the challenge!

Zoltan Nagy
Zoltan Nagy
Assistant Professor

My research interests include reinforcement learning for buildings and smart cities.