CityLearn Challenge 2023 Launched

🎉 Announcing the NeurIPS: CityLearn Challenge 2023 🌆 Buildings account for a whopping 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. The future demands smarter, more energy-efficient structures, and YOU could be the one to shape that future!

🔍 What is the Challenge?

CityLearn Challenge 2023 leverages the potential of AI and distributed control systems to address vital problems in the built-environment domain. Dive deep into energy storage systems, heat pumps, solar PV generation, and the intricacies of managing them for maximum efficiency.

🚦 Two Fascinating Tracks

  1. Forecast Track: Forecast building loads, grid carbon intensity, and solar generation for a neighborhood.
  2. Control Track: Engineer AI agents for energy management that is not only efficient but resilient.

📈 Timeline

  • Phase I: Warm Up (Aug 21 - Sep 18)
  • Phase II: Main Evaluation (Sep 19 - Oct 31)
  • Phase III: Review (Nov 1 - Nov 15)

💰 Prizes 

Prize-pool of $5,000 up for grabs! An unparalleled opportunity for the winners to co-author a comprehensive challenge manuscript.

📥 This challenge is open to all - whether you’re a researcher, an AI hobbyist, an industry expert, or a sustainability enthusiast. Let’s come together to make buildings smarter and the planet greener! 💚


Zoltan Nagy
Zoltan Nagy
Assistant Professor

My research interests include reinforcement learning for buildings and smart cities.