Occupant-Centric Grid-Interactive Buildings

👋 As we are wrapping up course on occupant-centric grid-interactive buildings I am sharing some of its free resources for those interested in getting started blending Python with energyPlus - big thanks to Kingsley Nweye for putting these self contained jupyter notebooks together 👇

1️⃣ Introduction to Python - from scratch with a gear toward analyzing building energy data:


2️⃣ Introduction to Energy Plus with Python (run E+ in Collab), and interface with DOE’s End-Use Load Profile Database to model any building in the US:


3️⃣ SQLite Database tutorial - or how can we manage humungous amounts of data efficiently?


4️⃣ Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, the Pythonese way - as a preparation for working with CityLearn in the second part of the course.


5️⃣ Explore the impact of stochastic occupant schedules on building energy use, by completing homework 5 (and hw4).


🔗 The course website has a few more notebooks, lecture notes and homeworks:


📺 The accompanying guest lecture series with industry experts is here: https://lnkd.in/eGc3YuNF

🙏 Enjoy, share and let us know how we can improve things

Zoltan Nagy
Zoltan Nagy
Assistant Professor

My research interests include reinforcement learning for buildings and smart cities.