New Paper: GridLearn: Multiagent reinforcement learning for grid-aware building energy management

Led by Aisling Pigott (CU Boulder), we have a new paper out in Electric Power Systems Research in collaboration with Dr Kyri Baker’s research group at CU Boulder. This work has also been presented at IEEE PSCC 2022



Title: GridLearn: Multiagent reinforcement learning for grid-aware building energy management


Increasing amounts of distributed generation in distribution networks can provide both challenges and opportunities for voltage regulation across the network. Intelligent control of smart inverters and other smart building energy management systems can be leveraged to alleviate these issues. GridLearn is a multiagent reinforcement learning platform that incorporates both building energy models and power flow models to achieve grid level goals, by controlling behind-the-meter resources. This study demonstrates how multi-agent reinforcement learning can preserve building owner privacy and comfort while pursuing grid-level objectives. Building upon the CityLearn framework which considers RL for building-level goals, this work expands the framework to a network setting where grid-level goals are additionally considered. As a case study, we consider voltage regulation on the IEEE-33 bus network using controllable building loads, energy storage, and smart inverters. The results show that the RL agents nominally reduce instances of undervoltages and reduce instances of overvoltages by 34%.

Zoltan Nagy
Zoltan Nagy
Assistant Professor

My research interests include reinforcement learning for buildings and smart cities.