Dr Nagy joins scientific and program committee of CISBAT

Focused on the built environment’s transition to carbon neutrality and sustainability, CISBAT 2023 offers a scientific platform for the presentation of research that pushes the boundaries of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The conference unites scientist from around the world in a hybrid event promoting interdisciplinary dialogue and a visionary approach to the shaping of our future buildings and districts.

Contributions will be invited for presentation in the following topics:

  • Operation - energy management, efficiency, control
  • Well-being - comfort, health, indoor environment
  • Circularity - materials, embodied energy, construction, processes

within and beyond three broader focus areas: peopletechnology and digitalization.

more: https://cisbat.epfl.ch

Zoltan Nagy
Zoltan Nagy
Assistant Professor

My research interests include reinforcement learning for buildings and smart cities.